Adam Carpet | Pragmatic Children

“Pragmatic children” is the title of the first single from the new Adam Carpet‘s album “Parabolas”, out on September 2016 via Irma Records.

The track is a mash up of improvisations that we made during these years; “Pragmatic children” represents in a way a change of approach to composition of the band and, why not, of sound. The title is oniric and visionaire: we liked the picture of a pragmatic child, a creature that has both the characteristics of a childish man and of a child who had to grow up too soon. A kind of hybrid that sums up the pragmaticity of adulthood and the impetuousness of childhood; in other words, the freedom of improvisations and the surgical manners of a post production studio.

The track has a visual video created by Clara Judica and two remixes made by A copy for Collapse and Perdurabo (Davide Arneodo from Marlene Kuntz).